Suzanne Mitchell – Head Seamstress and Fairy Godmother 

Suzanne was born in Wembley, in the spring of a year many moons ago. She was brought up abroad and attended boarding school, she survived (we’re not sure about the school! )

She qualified as a Children’s nurse and midwife, all the time sewing and creating outfits for children, babies, friends and colleagues at the hospital.

After having her daughter she settled in Wokingham and having worked in and sewn for a local bridle shop for over 20 years, she set up an alteration and cleaning service at home, which has now evolved into the shop Bibity Bobity Brides as we know it today. 

Nadine Mitchell – Designer and Fairy Godmother in training

Nadine has always been involved with her mums wedding alterations and gowns throughout her life, growing up around glitter and tulle is such fun! 

Although over the years she has progressed from crawling around the floor catching the beads and being given the lace to unpick  to designing gowns for brides and our own Bibity Bobity Brides collection. 

Nadine also offers customisation to items such as shoes, and dresses. She loves hand painting designs (even on gowns!)  and creating centre pieces or table plans. Although Nadine is qualified in wedding planning she doesn’t get a lot of time to do this with 2 jobs so is always keen to help a bride out if she can.  

Yasmin Kabir – Head of all things social

Yasmin (Yaz) is Nadine’s very good friend and has become a member of the Bibty Bobity Brides Team recently.

She is a fantastic asset to the team, ensuring our social media posts are up to date and taking fun video’s etc to show off our gowns. 

The Story behind the name

For many years Suzanne was referred to as a fairy godmother for Brides she did alterations for. Suzanne and Nadine decided to open their own shop after noticing that there wasn’t a huge local selection for curvey Brides and affordable gowns with 5* service. Brain storming for ideas the fairy godmother reference kept coming up so we decided to continue the theme and go with Bibitybobitybrides

As you can see, we are a fun, friendly team and love to get to know our brides and their family. 

Being a part of someones wedding is a fantastic thing to do, we still get brides popping in for a cup of tea years later and love to catch up! 

Our new workroom is now open and we are excited to have over 120 New dresses in stock for brides to come and try on.