Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

1.      Orders. 1

2.      Payments. 1

3.      Alterations and Customisations. 1

4.      Cancelation of orders. 1

5.      Abandoned goods. 1

6.      Liability. 1

7.      Personal Information. 2

8.      Other important terms. 2

1.      Orders

  1. Upon choosing your gown an order will be placed by Bibity Bobity Brides, this will constitute a legally binding contract between you and Us.
    1. If we discover the items ordered are not available due to discontinuation, unavailability, or any other reason that would make it impossible for us to fulfil your order, then you will be entitled to either a voucher for use in store or your money back, less a £25 admin fee. We will not be held liable for breach of contract or compensation.
    1. You are not able to assign your rights under this contract.
    1. All the goods remain the property of Bibity Bobity Brides until paid for in full, with cleared funds. 
    1. Bibity Bobity Brides will not take any responsibility once the order/ measurements have been taken for changes to the buyer’s size and body shape. You should notify us as soon as possible of any significant changes.
    1. Custom Size – for some of our gowns we can ask for extra hem/lace etc from the supplier, this will be an extra charge and will be quoted for you upon request. Custom sizing does not mean made to measure, we will endeavour to order the closest to your measurements, but you may still need alterations.
    1. We cannot be responsible for delays to orders outside our control. If there is a delivery delay, we will endeavour to contact you.
    1. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the goods before they leave the premises. Bibity Bobity Brides cannot accept liability of any loss or damage after they have left the premises.

2.      Payments

  • The buyer will need to pay for the goods in pounds sterling via Bank transfer, debit/credit card or cash.
    • Gowns for order – The buyer is required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price of the gown at the time of the order. Bibity Bobity Brides cannot process the order until this has been paid with cleared funds. The remaining half is to be payable on dispatch of the gown. We will contact you once your gown is ready for despatch and request the final payment by Bank transfer or card payment.
    • Gowns “off the rack”/Samples – The buyer is required to pay 50% of the total price of the gown upon purchase. The remaining half is to be paid within 3 months of order or 1 month before the wedding whichever is sooner.
    • All other goods shall be paid for in full at time of order, unless otherwise agreed.  
    • Alterations shall be paid for in full at time of collection.
    • If payments are not made by the agreed terms your goods could be marked as abandoned (see section 5)

3.      Alterations

  • The price of garments Excludes all costs in respect of alterations, fittings.
    • It is rare that a gown will not need alterations, due to the nature of manufacturing set sizes. Unless otherwise stated our gowns are not made to measure.
    • Fittings usually take place 2/3 months before the wedding, this can vary depending on workload and alterations needed.
    • Customers are not obligated to use Bibity Bobity Brides alteration services.
    • Dresses purchased from us and with us for alterations are stored free of charge and will be pressed/steamed ready for collection close to your wedding.
    • Bibity Bobity Brides do offer alterations for gowns purchased elsewhere, we always recommend getting a professional seamstress’s opinion before purchasing a gown that does not fit well to ensure alterations can be made.
    • Fitting days may be restricted due to bridal seamstress availability, we recommend booking your appointment well in advance so that we can ensure availability.
    • You should bring your bridal shoes, or shoes of the same height, with you to your alterations.

4.      Customisations

  • Where you have chosen to customise your gown Bibity Bobity Brides will offer a bespoke fitting appointment where you will meet the team and discuss your ideas, there will be a £25 fee for this appointment which will be redeemable against any customisation fee’s.  We recommend bringing some images/colour pallets for inspiration.
    • Bibity Bobity Brides can offer customisation on a number of items purchased elsewhere, such a shoes/coats etc. We will expert advise on the customisations available.
    • Customised items cannot be refunded, Bibity Bobity Brides will expect full payment for customisations even if you change your mind.  Please contact us as soon as possible if this is the case so we can cease work and discuss. 
    • Although we offer a full customisation service, we can not guarantee another bride will not have had similar/same ideas for customisation. We work with you to create a customised gown for you special day. Such customisations can include but are not limited to, sleeves, straps, sparkle and glitter, hand painting, colour changes.
    • All customisation charges will be given to you before work commences, we will agree a payment term at this time.

5.      Cancelation of orders

  • The placing of your order with Bibity Bobity Brides constitutes a legally binding contract and cancellation of the order will result in the loss of the buyer’s deposit and may incur the full cost of the goods.
    • Should the occasion for which the goods are being purchased be cancelled or postponed the goods must be paid in full by the buyer.

6.      Abandoned goods

  • If there is no communication from you and the date of your event has passed by 1 month then we will class this as abandoned goods. Regardless of the amount of payments made towards the goods.
    • In the event of outstanding payments, without prior agreement to extend terms listed above,  Bibity Bobity Brides will endeavour to contact you via the methods given at order point, if we are unable to contact you within 1 month of your event date provided then your goods will be marked as abandoned. 
    • Products classed as abandoned will result in the Customer automatically losing ownership of such items and as such the items will be returned to stock for sale.

7.      Liability

7.1 Bibity Bobity Brides cannot be held liable for any breach of these terms caused by circumstances outside our control, including but not limited to, acts of god, war, riot, terrorism, malicious damage, fire, flood or storm.

8.      Personal Information

8.1 Bibity Bobity Brides will only use your information to contact you about the services being undertaken with us, unless you opt in to receive ongoing emails with offers, tips and recommendations.

9.      Other important terms

9.1 Bibity Bobity Brides may offer local recommendations of services, we hold no liability for any dispute with these businesses.